West Mercia Supplies Shrewsbury donate again to KSP!

West Mercia Supplies of Shrewsbury delivered 10 pallets of donated educational supplies to Kenyan Schools Project.

Here is one of their lorries full of donated supplies.

wms 1

Two donated pallets full of goodies for KSP.

wms 2Five donated pallets with exercise books, pencils etc.

wms 3

Two more pallets.

wms 4

One last pallet to make the ten donated pallets of educational supplies to Kenyan Schools Project.
wms 5A BIG ” THANK YOU ” goes out to West Mercia Supplies for donating these supplies to Kenyan Schools Project and we will supply photos of the happy pupils the other side in Kenya receiving them as normal. Bill & Lynn Morris appreciate all your donations.

While we were waiting for WMS we boxed another donated kit from the Bulls Head Telford which will be going to One of our schools or orphanages this year.

bulls head donated kits











About Kenyan Schools Project

We are a husband and wife team (Bill & Lynn Morris) who travel to Kenya to help young children and babies in schools and orphanages in Kenya helping Kenyan Children with their Education. Since 2004 we have raised over £80,000, donated everything from desks and scholastic equipment to electricity, desks, new classrooms and Toilet facilities. For more information about what we have done, please visit our website: www.kenyanschoolsproject.co.uk
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