Donated kit from Weston Rhyn FC in Kenya now having a new life

Weston Rhyn Football-Club had donated a few kits last year to KSP – here is one of them with Elevate Kenya.
Weston Rhyn 1Weston Rhyn 2Weston Rhyn 3Many thanks to Weston Rhyn Football-Club from Bill & Lynn Morris, Kenyan Schools Project.

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New project underway at Mabokoni Primary school

New project underway now at Mabokoni Pry School via Athumani Mazuri who is building on behalf of the Kenyan Schools Project.

mabokoni school

Athumani Mazuri organizing the project for Kenyan Schools Project.

mabakoni 6.6

Ballast and sand delivered, footings dug ready for foundations now.  Kenyan Schools Project next job after the two classrooms will be to renovate the other classrooms as they are looking very in need of some TLC.

mabakoni school
mabakoni 7

mabakoni 8

mabakoni 9
mabakoni 10
mabakoni 11mabakoni 12

mabakoni 14Keep checking back to the KSP blog as we will post pictures regularly showing you the updates to the classrooms.

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Donated Recorders & Books to KSP!

Two re-tired teachers in Australia visited our website then they kindly sent £150 to us in England to purchase 25 recorders plus 25 ‘learning the recorder’ books to take out to Kenya for the Children to take up recorder lessons at their school, Mukuru promotional centre.

recorder 2

Then they were palletised with everything else going to Kenya.

recorder 1

Here is Sister Sally who runs Mukuru Promotion Centre standing with the other pied pipers.

recorder 3

We had arrived back to the UK when the Customs decided to release all our pallets so Edward Mbugua & Jayne Mwangi (some of our friend in Nairobi from Elevate Kenya) helped Kenyan Schools Project by delivering all the boxes to the schools & orphanages for us.

recorder 4

Here are the finished photos with happy pupils learning their recorders in their new music lessons now.

recorder 5

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KSP Video of interview on KBC Channel One

Yes, KSP made it onto television! To watch the interview click the below link:

KSP Interview on KBC Channel One

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Melissa’s letter to Lynn

KSP sponsor 7 children to help with their education in different schools and orphanages in Kenya. Melissa and Jessica are 2 of them who we visited yesterday. Here they are looing like models of the future judging by their poses. They are showing off some knitted wear that some ladies from the W.I. had knitted from the UK which we crammed into our case to bring to Kenya.


Melissa made this necklace on her own she is 10 years old and is top of her class in school.



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Sponsored desks through KSP in the workshop ready for delivery

Some of the KSP desks finished ready for delivery tomorrow.


Here are the Carpenters busy at work.

dsk2A group shot of Bill & Lynn with Hassan Rangi and family plus the sign writer for the desk names.



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Meeting up with workmates in Nairobi, Kenya

KSP visited Cadbury Kenya last week – it was great to see them again and to thank them for all the help they give us.
The Nairobi Factory Reception.

cadbury1KSP boxes ready for delivery to schools & orphanages in Nairobi, Kenya.
cadbury2A big thank you to all the crew for helping with the boxes into the van.
cadbury3Nakumatt Holdings Lifestyle in Nairobi where we visit for a gorgeous vanilla milkshake.

cadbury4Very skillful moves from the Joyville Team.



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